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Dordi-1 Hydro Electric Project (12 MW)

Welcome Dordi-1 Hydroelectric Project is being developed by Dordi Khola Jal Bidyut Company Ltd (DKJBCL). The project is a Run of River type Hydropower project with generating capacity of 12 MW. According to the prevailing rules and regulations, the proponent has acquired Electricity Generation License from Ministry of Energy and concluded power purchase agreement with NEA for 10.3 MW. The rate of energy as agreed in PPA is Rs. 8.40 for dry season (Poush to Chaitra) & Rs. 4.80 for remaining month which is considered as wet season. The PPA rate increases by 3% each year upto 5 Year. According to interconnection agreement concluded with Nepal Electricity Authority the project has to evacuate the generated power to the proposed 132 kV substation at Kirtipur, Lamjung.

Salient Features of the Project

River Dordi Khola​
Location Dordi Gaupalika-6, Lamjung
Catchment Area 218 sq km
Design Discharge 11.36 m3/sec (Q40%)
Gross Head 132 meter
Installed Capacity 12 MW
Length of Weir 26 meter
Size of Settling Basin 2 Chamber each of 65m x 8.50m x 3.124m
Particle Size to be Settled 0.20 mm
Length of Tunnel 2520 meter
Penstock Pipe MS- Pipe surface & buried, Length 665m
Power House Type Surface
Type of Turbine Francis, 2 units
Generator Type Synchronous Brushless, 2 units
Total Energy 65.22 GWh
Annual Wet Energy 55.03 GWh
Annual Dry Energy 10.19 GWh
Transmission Line & Interconnection Point Proposed 3.5 km, Kritipur 132 kV Substation
Required Commercial Operation Date 2076/08/16

Key Achievements

Date Key Achievement
2067/05/21 Initial Environment Examination approved from Ministry of Energy.
2068/07/14 Grid Connection was signed with NEA.
2069/10/12 The Company acquired generation license from Department of Electricity Development/Ministry of Energy.
2071/07/19 The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) of 10.3 MW was concluded with Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA).
2072/04/15 Professional Network for Engineering Services Private Limited (PNET) has been selected for providing Consulting service for Detailed Engineering Study.
2072/09/28 Syndicated Loan Agreement was signed with Sanima Bank as lead Bank and Laxmi Bank, Agriculture Development Bank, Kailash Development Bank & Yeti Development Bank as member banks.
2073/04/18 Dordi Khola Jal Bidyut Company has applied for the upgradation of its capacity to 12 MW by adding 1.7 MW to its previous capacity 10.3 MW at Ministry of Energy & NEA and for amendment of PPA for the increased installed capacity at NEA.
- 100% of land is already acquired for project till the date.
2074/1/14 Approval for use & purchase of explosives received from Government of Nepal.
2074/8/3 Contract Agreement signed with Mountain Infra Company Private Limited for Construction of Tunnel works.
2075/1/6 Contract Agreement signed with Mountain Infra Company Private Limited for Construction of Civil works.
2075/02/18 Contract Agreement signed with Mega Hydro & Engineering Private Limited for Design, Supply, Fabrication, Erection, Transportation, Testing and Commissioning of Hydro-mechanical Components.
- Camping facilities work completed at site.
- Access Road upto headworks & Powerhouse Completed.
- Detailed Engineering.

Layout Map

Layout Map

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